Sundial of the Underground of Munich.

This is a quite large sundial of the Underground of Munich.

Sundial Type: Armillary Sphere – series of rings in plane of equator


The next series of images will prove conclusively that Munich is definitely into sun worship.  If you’re ever in Munich, from the Hauptbahnhof (Main Train Station) take the U2 subway East to Messestadt Ost (Convention Center East).


When you arrive at Messestadt Ost, get off at the East side of the subway (where the elevator is).  Take the stairs or the escalator to the first floor.


Once there, head toward the exit.  Before you even get to the doors, you will notice a large circle on the ground with steep walls slanting upward.


Once outside, you will be greeted with a curious sight.

munichsuntemple13 munichsuntemple15 munichsuntemple21 munichsuntemple5

What are those lines for, and what is the significance of the Roman numerals?  I’m certain that the lines correspond to the movements of the sun and the Roman numerals are the months of the year.  This is a device for charting the sun’s movements.  The smaller numbers, that you can barely make out, are actually dates, as shown below.


22.6 is June 22nd, and 23.5 and 23.7 are the 23rd of May and the 23rd of July, respectively.  Is it a coincidence that June 22 is the last day of the summer solstice?  

Now, I’m not into astrology, but John Todd, a former witch who was supposedly converted to Christianity, said that witchcraft is nothing without astrology and that a witch will do nothing without consulting the stars.  That should give us some idea as to why someone thought this was necessary.  The fact that this modern day Stonehenge was built with tax dollars ought to demonstrate to you the importance of astrology and sun worship to many in Munich today—and, in fact, the world.  

Here is a top image of this temple of the sun.


Notice that the Roman numerals follow the path of the line and that the numerals stop at twelve.  You should also notice that the path of the line makes a distinct shape.  You may want to remember this so that if you see this shape somewhere else, you’ll know what it represents.

Here is the Munich Sun Temple from ground level.  


If you want to know more about sun workship in Munich:



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